Everything That’s Wrong With Everything Put into A Marxist, Feminist, Progressive, Sex Positive, Semi-Hopeful Rant of a Blog Post

It’s time for a bit of blind rage.  A quick spit on the page with fury and contempt for the faults in the masses.

We return to another war that should never have been in the first place.  Slaughter and violence run rampant across the globe.  Entire continents rot in poverty, and yet our masses are more concerned with the going-ons inside of a celebrity’s bedroom and pants than facing the dire truth about our situation.  Should we talk about the fact rape culture has made the many a-countless soul their victims? Of course not, turn on the distraction!  Women are sexually harassed, raped, beaten, and condescended to left and right.  Especially gay women and non white women.  Rape culture is so bad that when a kid is bullied the victim of bullying is told to “understand their bully is just suffering deep inner emotional pain.”  You know who else is suffering from emotional pain? The kid getting bullied you stupid fucks!

I am a man of peace, I have the word tattooed on my wrist.  I give everything in my soul to abandon my past anger and rage and to be a man of patience.  Yet even the Dali Lama has his limits.

Beyond the willful ignorance of the masses we fail to also recognize how these pointless borders we create, political, literal, or metaphorical, are ignorant and needless bullshit that are an anachronism on the formula for world peace.  We are all one species and we are all one in mind body and spirit as all living states of matter are.  The concrete and the theoretical both have their place, the fact we are all one is proof of this.

Yet do we want to accept that, no.  It’s too long term, people are short term.  They want the quickest high in the fastest and cheapest way possible.  People are effort minimizers and euphoria maximizers.  This is what holds people back because it is what the extortionists of the world, the greedy and those hungry for power, use to keep us slovenly, distracted, ignorant, and fighting amongst each other.

An “us versus them” mentality is easier than the true answer to our suppression which is much more in depth and complicated.  Our oppression is not just the implementation of a bad man hiding the shadows controlling us all.  It is engrained, in language and society, culturally, mentally, and even economically.

Using currency to trade for goods and services is how society works, my issue are with Capitalism, not capital.  It is Capitalism, the system itself, which turns everything into a commodity. 

Education is turned into a commodity by the extortionist that is the standardized testing industry and shady charter schools.  Let’s also not get this recent graduate started on student loans.  It is a miracle I escaped the sinkhole and chains that are student debt.

Prisons are actually being privatized.  I repeat, corporations can get paid to punish us now.

Human lives are turned into commodities because it seems more and more companies attack the worker’s rights and every day those workers rights are shrinking.

A human life that is sick, addicted, or abandoned is thrown on the streets with no where to turn and our answer to this problem is to make it illegal to stop feeding them in public.  In some places it’s illegal to be poor and starving.

Health Care, a human right, is commodified.

Despite being a miracle cure for almost anything, being safer than alcohol, and an endless resource for rope, paper, food, and much more, marijuana is still illegal and too many are serving jail time for it.

Money is speech, speech is power, the corporations have both now.


Sexual bullying of all kinds haunts our society.  The worst cases are the product of judgmental ignorance, fear, and jealousy.  The LGBTQA community have made milestones in their progress towards equality but the fact we as a society have so much farther left to go is infuriating. 

Sex workers provide us with a means of engaging our sexuality in a society that otherwise wants to oppress it. 

The lack of progress is the product of hateful roadblocks, the hateful roadblocks are the products of willful ignorance.  The willful ignorance is the product of the fact our species are effort minimizers and euphoria maximizers.

Yet despite all of this, not all hope is lost, let us take advantage of peoples lack of effort for the better, show people how by just doing a little volunteering, they get a lot out of it.  Just by donating a dollar you feel better about helping others.  A minimal effort, a maximum euphoria.

It’s not much but its a start.

So what was the point of all this?  What was the point of all this tangent seamless babbling? Well, to be honest, I can’t think of a real reason.  I guess I just needed to get all of that off my chest.  I owe you one for listening. 


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