A Mantra, Just Another Page in Your Book

This is not a night for sleep, This is a night for rebellion, no toxic city grace halls shall light on the dollar shall wring our treat true. Another page,  turned and torn. A fragment of it’s former thought and in complete rhyme. Destined be the word, The sentence and line, sweet language. Ah, language,Continue reading “A Mantra, Just Another Page in Your Book”

Stilted Swings on the Shadows of the Night

Stilted swings on the shadows swoon nightly as do creatures accords. I pursue my dreams in them they self and swoon in pursuit of a virtual lust and mistake. Help be thy name the name on every wall and mirror. Sacred, sacred still stint and stilted in the night. In the night, in rage andContinue reading “Stilted Swings on the Shadows of the Night”


Switch to be on there is no fear the terror. Many eyes watching, none of them moved those that are are not foresaken. Tortured shapes surround this eye and space. Yet the sweet of beauty is tickling away in the next room. The product and purpose, needing food and guidance lessons are best learned whenContinue reading “NO FEAR, THE TERROR”

Swoons on the Untested Nightly

Owl Street lamp forms swoons on on the untested nightly, crossed lives spread ancient powder on even older remedies and cures. Blessed be the color of night, to hide my honest virgin truth. Their soul is truth in my soul any remedy, free of heart, yet all of soul, all of soul. Yet free ofContinue reading “Swoons on the Untested Nightly”

The Greatest Cruelties

The Greatest Cruelties lie in cordial anonymity. Cruel cordial anonymous signatures. Shock and awe, terror and pain be felt shocked and scared. Scared of only the unknown when it is a joy. It is a real joy, yes this joy is not some illusion, it is real,  real because I have felt it, in thoughtContinue reading “The Greatest Cruelties”

What Ego Delivered

What ego delivered in these envious lyrics. Envious lyrics, timeless, seamless, and bought in. All bought in, soul, heart, mind, body, and more mind than body and even less soul. Less soul, less and deprived, less and known soul, less soul, in honesty burden known, known, and none. 6/9/14

Strike me not from any Word or Record

Strike me not from any word or record. I stand by all I have made present. You deny it out of your own fear, you fear the truth of image will destroy your empire. It will It shall it already did. Empire’s fall, and there falls rescue them the realms more tilt and deserving andContinue reading “Strike me not from any Word or Record”

Ah, but Soft in a Kiss

Ah, but soft in a kiss and then gone. This is not a love poem but a poem of lust lost, lust lost but found afresh and anew. A new lust and spring, cleansed of spite of old and self. A return of not and never return need be to the rhyme and timing ofContinue reading “Ah, but Soft in a Kiss”

My Bell of Victory

How many innocent souls have we, abandoned on the spike, impaled to sweet torture and hell worse doom. Fate to cruel to be real, and yet it is. Low, our canons war cry, will ever scare nor impress me, for that chime in  the distance is my bell of victory. 6/9/14