The Great Gamble

Formative in scarcity and birth on lies and torture. A stolen power and a given life and a lost future, will the next generation succeed? Is it all and always been the great gamble. Yes, it is true all our efforts in our ends of youth are but a sorrowed addicting gamble. 6/9/14

Filter Nature’s Void

Filter Nature’s Void through your perverse reaction and you get a show, a show of low wits and a serious truth. We need our Max Headroom and our live streamed saviors. The way of the future draws near and draws a drummed down dumbed down plea from the exploited, the used, the masses. 6/8/14

Some Ominous Behold

Ah, yet ominous behold, ominous peak, and thrust and strike! And strike once more. And at chance’s breath, there is peace. Not only peace, but victory, for I hear the rhythm of our drums. Yes, not only peace  but victory,  truth, and honor, not just words, not just air, not even found in war, justContinue reading “Some Ominous Behold”

B is for the word Beautiful and Words do No one Justice

Her name started with B B is for Beautiful It was in a book I read as a child. B is for beautiful beautiful, only a word, who so, so fair, so true, could so be limited to the  realm that is only so thin yet so powerful,              Continue reading “B is for the word Beautiful and Words do No one Justice”

Trivial and less of Thieves

Each Word is a trivial word to that of prophets but even less than that of thieves. There can be heroics in anything, even theft, there can be art in anything, and dare I say there is. If we are not all artists, why do we have one goal, to create, and love it. 6/8/14