Surpassed Supression

Each page draws me

closer to check and falling

sprout of surpassed suppression.

I give no heart to pain

and I ignore its friend


It has no beacon of 


No fix that is real 

or help.

There is one,

and its only an idea.

Only, as if that made

it any less powerful

and true.



Ecstasy’s Wind

Error in Judgement,

Judgment and decay

no more,

but an ecstasy wind.

What limited realm is 

the i.d. of our 

very realm itself?

Does not your realm breathe 

of the ecstasy wind 

and of ecstasy’s wind.

What Apollo gods rule 

this earth to maker her

so cruel?

Why Athena

have you forsaken us?


I am Indeed Captain on my ship named Invictus

I escape into a dreary

ponder of the night

not under any new narcotic

but one less.

A semi sober mind and life

afresh to bring my

word to soul.

I am captain now,

Yes certain of my soul once


What saved me were these

few words, even

my own.

Did words not save us from 

the beasts?

Are our words not how truth

must be sung.


Scream o Thought


A question and

an answer.

Pour me my reward

so that I can choke

another humor.

I love nothing

but the beats

and the rhythms and


Prophetic screams,

Makeshift call,

Vetoed votes

pure balance,

outward stance

Scream of thought

Scream of Idea


and Call of

All and Yet

of None

Yet of All

Yet of 

Censor by Poe

and old diluted


Scream o


Scream o thought

and beacon.

Scream o thought

is no blind share

is caught.

Scream on thought,

work on deed,

and scream on.