It Is Return!

It is Return!

It is Resolve!

It is the permanent

restoration of what

was otherwise


and retrospect.

Why is it that

only such a tragedy

can light a fuse

and create such

a spark that

any poet may

write by it, 

any artist may

paint by it.

Identity is not


Self interest is not

inherently selfish.

These are the obvious,

yet we are quick

to ignore the obvious

for what’s sake?

Some false notion,

some filtered and

false sense of



It is false,

Dare say

what is true

I dare disprove

Nietzsche and

all that sets

the flow of

our existential


Post modern is

irony in itself.

We are beyond


We are a collective,

We are of a mind

of minds.

There is little to


there is no reason

to blame the victim,

and that is a truth.

Plans must be

made but fluid

enough to change.

That is a truth,

all that which is

forsaken as trite

obvious or

cliche is

a truth.

Said many times

in many pages,

the ultimate human

truth, is love

and no broken


no former projection,

no wanton scale

no obtuse measure,

can break what

which never exists.

Because there

is no such thing

as weakness.


Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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