Truth Defined is No Truth, REVOLUTION!!!

I have a life some would kill to have, so when I look around the world I always feel I could be doing so much more than I am to actually make it better.  But I honestly don’t know how to in a way that doesn’t feel selfish or like I’d be playing into the system.

I mean, for fuck’s sakes what is the point of all of this power, this greed, these idiotic selfish things we distract ourselves with, and meaningless things at that.  We waste so much time on things like politics, we waste so much time attacking women and gays and people’s freedom of choice, we waste our time taking sides and thinking in the short term when no one thinks in the long term.

It’s all about instant gratification, and I am not just talking about the environment, people are so caught up in there own materialist self serving worlds that if anything doesn’t go exactly at the pace they originally imagined, well if you look at the news they are raping and committing mass shootings.

The logical and hopeful of us answer these problems with truth, not politics, not theology or random schools of thought that seem to run rampant in our post modern world, but truth that comes from strength and that strength comes from love.  Loving thyself and thy enemies, and the way one is able to do that is to define thyself, and when I say define thyself I don’t just mean pick a different political party than your parents and I don’t just mean pick an obscure music and fashion scene to feel different, I mean take a few moments to shut everything in the outside world off and truly look nowhere else but within yourself.  There you will find that all that we have created to make society flow is in the long run meaningless, and when you find what is meaningless you will forever be free to fill your void with meaning.  This meaning will transcend the two dimensional binary meanings we have constructed for our mental ease and it will instead be only one thing, true.

Now, as earlier indicated I do have a certain disillusionment with politics, I am always every cautiously optimistic that the true agents in politics who are defining themselves can give us hope to the masses to define themselves.  We need the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warrens and Sandra Flukes in the political system to show that there will always be fighters in this world run by the sexist, capitalist, racist pigs that have infected our entire human culture for far too long.  But I defy you to prove me wrong that any politician, even the good guys, have had to engage in evil to do good, and if they don’t they are crushed by the system they are trying to save by reforming it.

If you play by the rules all the time in politics you get crushed, sometimes you have to play dirty.  If decide politics is the way to go to save people then to save them your going to have to destroy the people trying to destroy the people your trying to save.  This is why I am disillusioned with politics, because although I support the Sandra Fluke’s and Bernie Sanders of the realm in order for them to truly make the change they want to make they are going to have to stoop to the same practices that their rivals are using.  Sanders will have to use conservative republican capitalist means to defeat these same capitalists.  And Fluke will have to associate with people I am sure she never imagined she would if she is to truly fight for all the things she has promised to.

It is for those reasons, that although I will always vote and support the people truly defining themselves, I am disillusioned by politics and am convinced the true means to change relies not in an system or school of thought used today.  I am calling for transcending any binary, be it male female, democrat republican, liberal conservative, hopeful or negative, trusting or cynical, and looking to ourselves, there we will find our center, and there we will find we are all one.  That is where you find meaning in your meaninglessness, the realization that truth defined is not truth and truth that simply is is the real truth.


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