To the People who are actually defending the UCSB shooter….

Go fuck yourselves.  Seriously.  I saw on twitter that there are pathetic excuses for “men” actually defending this guy, saying things like; “I blame blondes, not guns, for this one” “Well girls this is what you get for treating another nice guy like this” ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!??? Last time I checked, NICE GUYS DON’T PICK UP A GUN BECAUSE THEY CAN’T HANDLE REJECTION!!! You want to know why girls don’t like you? It’s because you post angry videos ranting about how girls don’t like you.  If a girl doesn’t like you, shut the fuck up, get over it, and go find a girl who does. To me anyone who picks up a gun is telling the world that they are a coward.  To me anyone who attacks women because he is over entitled and doesn’t have control over himself is a coward.  Combine the two into one and you have the textbook definition of cowards and cowardice.  And if you defend either of these actions your are more than a coward.  You are a living part of the problem that is rape culture, and you should do the world a favor by shutting the fuck up and staying out of the way for the rest of us.  The attacks you feel on your self don’t even compare to the slut shaming and sexualized violence and objectification that women have to face every day.  So shut the fuck up and go away.  Take your precious guns and fuck yourself with them because no one else is going to fuck you until you deserve it.  I am sick of these cowards, these pathetic excuses for men going around giving real men, like me or my friends, a bad name. I hate guns, I hate men who hate women, and I hate unnecessary violence.  These are the things that are destroying our culture and our humanity.  It must be stopped.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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