The End of Apathy: A Call to Consciousness

I grow weary and annoyed with the shallow arbitrary nature of this world’s public.  Where there should be empathy there is apathy.  Where there should be curiosity there is stupidity.  Where there should be patience there is not only impatience but intolerance.  Where there should be understanding there is ignorance.  Where there should be romance there is utilitarianism.  It continues as we let our very planet die for the sake of lining a few peoples wallets.  

I cannot sit by and abide our culture which promotes double standards, illusionary egos, and materialistic horse-shit.  

We let our selfs be victimized by these corporate giants.  They bully us into insecurity in order to further our obedience.  

Do we as people need government, business and leaders?  Unlike many of my other fellow radicals I believe the answer is yes.  Yet we need them in appropriate balance, as a means that serves people in society as a whole.  Not just for the sake of profit for the few.

There is nothing wrong with profits earned ethically or artistically.  There is something wrong with profits made from blatant exploitation.

There is something wrong with a society that gives privilege to one race and one sex and one class and one gender over all the others.  There is a problem with a society that treats peoples sexuality and genders as a commodity and something that must stick to a hypocritical binary of confusion and double standards.

I think the question in peoples minds is not “how long are we to let these monsters control our society?” many fall back on an answer that leaves room for the very apathy we must destroy because many people, being the effort minimizers and euphoria maximizers they are, do respond “they always have and will be in control”  

“Just accept things as they are and they will work out” is another all to common answer.

I am not suggesting violent over throw or revolution.  Revolution is the same rhetoric that enabled the atrocity of the soviet empire and the genocide of American Natives.  I am not suggesting complacency because it is complacency that enables these very things that must be destroyed. I am not suggesting anything except for a call to consciousness.  

I am leaving it to every man, woman, and person, to replace there apathy with understanding.  There anger with love, their despair with hope.  There traditionalist exclusive nature with open understanding.  

This is not empty rhetoric, it is a call for balance and a universal state of mind that dwells from abandoning all hate, all trifling pointless debates to one of a pursuit of truth.  Damned be any perspective that is self limiting.  

Damned be any thought that creates ignorance and apathy.

Damned be anyone who thinks the answers can be of one universal school of thought, but not a collection of the individual will.

No more empty rhetoric to compensate for phony beliefs and identities.  

Simply look to your hearts then look to your neighbors, and you will see the truth that has been blinded and hidden by the very people who wish to keep you complacent.

Victory is inevitable, and soon this pathetic culture of apathy will be replaced by an endless pursuit to bring our evils to justice.  

Remember these words, abandon ignorance, hopelessness, and apathy.

These things are easier said than done, but they must be done.

And they must be done now.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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