The Show and Hunt

Ah yes, the show, the search is on, and what a show it is. Bellows of the men and hunters begin to scope and they go on and about and they hunt. Oh to how it sparks its stage. So interest in this very  walk of ages to spot and find this hiding pervert. AContinue reading “The Show and Hunt”

Ceteris Paribus Hangs From My Wall and My Heart

Now Show this Violet class your heart and lobby, your quilt and guilty smile and drifter’s flee. Two cursed words, ceteris paribus, hang from my wall, and breath deep within my darkened lungs  that pump thin blood. In, out, about and there and here and such to the repeated shuffle and its chords. Comparison fairsContinue reading “Ceteris Paribus Hangs From My Wall and My Heart”

An Ambiguous Personal Truth : Part V

No innocence was left behind So clear such a head of such trifles. Another of a nature and part or a generation can’t stop of a world and wave all a part of a wave of a a shock and an awe and a place and a way and as always it goes on. AllContinue reading “An Ambiguous Personal Truth : Part V”

An Ambiguous Personal Truth : Part IV

Don’t Believe far away and a false background other premise Divided  but don’t forget, this is one and it was always the centuries. Now a natural cinema and its human circulation, From calculation and exact fiction, and only thanked. Grateful but only thanked only treated and retreated and treated again in this words clear andContinue reading “An Ambiguous Personal Truth : Part IV”