4 Reasons You Could Be Lacking Oral Sex

This is an Epidemic people, it must be stopped! 😉

Girl Boner

“Oral sex is a lot like regular sex: You probably don’t get enough of it, it’s not like it is in the movies and it’s over too fast.” – Cracked.com

Do you agree? Speaking for me personally, I’d say no. Oral sex is awesome but not my fave, and I’ve long been happy with how often I’m on the receiving* end. Speaking for the majority of folks, however, I’d say heck yeah! Cracked is right.

*I’m not big on the giving/receiving terminology; oral sex should be a shared activity, enjoyable for both partners, IMO. For clarity’s sake, I’m sticking with the typical jargon.

Research shows that while oral sex has become less taboo in recent years, many men and women desire more, and women are significantly more likely than men to have gone down on a lover yet lack the opposite. None of this is terribly surprising, all considering.

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