The Battle, The Ballad, and the Girl. PART I

And so begins such as 

a simple pair are born.

To souls of opposite ends and sexs

apart in the lines of North and South.

What light she grew

into of state and health,

and such a rage did he.

Drunk on his families toil in the vineyard,

in any constant euphoric rush.

Alone on this ranch was he,

She adrift in her own popular beauty.

They grew to different ends and the like and so

Only as the sorrow drunken days of he passed

And she only aware of her own mortality,

yet she to lived in a world alone.

It was in their academic days they met.

So still of their distant worlds

Yet so fallen apart.

For their worlds to distant

and lost

in better days.

He sat and pined over the cruelty of fates

and contemplated the potential of his own cruelty.

To find the man whose action did force this love away

to the unknown southern shores where she was born.

So he decided, and resolved

To use his own potential cruelty

and that this cruel man

would be no more.

Published by James J Jackson

I'm a poet from California.

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