The Hair Dresser

Jane did her best to focus on her work.  She was doing everything she could to push the memory of that horrible night into the back of her mind.  She just focused on the wet head of hair sitting in front of her. The customer is one of your typicals who frequent salons, a fortyContinue reading “The Hair Dresser”

Jonathan’s Note

Jonathan decided that the time had come.  He was sick and tired of the constant distress.  He checked the bath water, it was warm. He checked the razor, it was sharp. He got in. His body was found with only a note, It was a poem, The only poem he had written in three yearsContinue reading “Jonathan’s Note”

The New Sex by James J. Jackson, Jr.

I am appalled by the attacks on sexuality and the fear of sex our society seems to have despite the blatant expansion of the pornographic industry.  I have heard from several sex educators that there is a trend for many sexual conservatives to talk about how society is losing its “traditional” sexualities and is beingContinue reading “The New Sex by James J. Jackson, Jr.”

The Online Enlightenment

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your Ears. I have for the longest time been hesitant to express certain thoughts and opinions by way of blog post, however the time as of late has taught me otherwise.  The internet is the future of all things, for better or worse.  Literature and philosophy are not dead despiteContinue reading “The Online Enlightenment”

The All too True Change of Marker

Praise New Hours, a ticking clock to the foreign loss   and familiar social pressure on a 21st century turn. Broken and fixed broken and fixed, upon repeated more beats and thoughts and proof of provocation of those of the past idiocratic splendor. Fortunes feedback undue splendor placed on self fear, hatred and robbery. CastContinue reading “The All too True Change of Marker”

What Idea is Love?

By the night that does pass again, go again, And forward. Do look at this, Do look at and look again, Bust and portrait and so and so with some compliment to the unworthy. Some mile high mark of undeserved and of the thing named ego. This ode and ballad, This tangent of the stageContinue reading “What Idea is Love?”