The Professional Protester Episode 47 Do Not YAAS QUEEN Pelosi

I would like to remind my followers that Pelosi clapped, unironically, when Trump said America will never be socialist.

I would also like to remind you all that her voting record has been one of international interventionism, she prevented previous sessions of congress from censuring or impeaching George W Bush, and she has also enabled mass incarceration and deportation.

Nancy Pelosi is trash.


DSA at the CPUC to Nationalize PG and E

Recently, myself and other comrades from the Democratic Socialists of America spoke at the Utilities Commission’s public meeting to demand justice for the lives ended by PG&E’s negligence. We also made it clear that a PG&E would be a slap in the face by all those who have died or lost their homes to the fire.

Our demands for the public ownership of utilities is a necessary one in order to bring about an ecosocialist economy and a sustainable way of living. It is also vital in order to achieve justice for all those effected by the campfire because public ownership is the only way to hold companies like PG&E accountable.

PG&E is guilty of murder and gross ecological negligence. They have destroyed the beautiful California landscape and have increased the homeless population.

Please spread the word and join in the effort to make PG&E and all utilities publicly owned.

People Can Be Products, A Socialist Poem

People Can Be Products

Who are we but products?

Products of our time

and place?

Dare what questions are such to be asked?

Asked and then asked again!

Trivial though it be,

meaning is always the goal,

the objective,

the end.

Are we just products?

Products of anger,


of hate,

Or are we something more?

Who are we but products?

Products of our time

and place?

We are the artists, the thinkers,

the doers, and the workers,

And in fact we are still much more