The Case for a Sanders Vice Presidency (no seriously)

Yes, I am with my fellow Berners in that we all feel this is a sad day.  Bernie Sanders has conceeded, he will not be the president in 2017, that is a fact we must accept.  We must also accept the reality of our situation with Hillary Clinton.  No, I am not a fan and I would greatly prefer Sanders leading the ticket.  But what I take solace in there does seem to be zero chance of a Trump presidency and it is not insignificant that we are about to elect a woman to the presidency, a long overdue cultural statement to the world.  Let’s just be clear that voting for someone and supporting someone don’t have to be the same things.

But moving on, if Hillary Clinton reads the current political climate well, she will see that having Sanders on her ticket can only help her.  Clinton risks alienating up to 70% of currently registered millenials if she does not ensure Sanders’ agenda will be on her ticket.  I think we can all agree that alienating almost a whole generation would create unnecessary complications for her administration.  Also, I realize some people will settle for nothing less than Sanders leading the party, to them I make this appeal.  I realize to some Sanders as Clinton’s VP would be seen as a sell out, yet to the politically aware of his supporters we see how this is a significant victory.  Sanders as VP would mean his perspective and integrity would be second in command, and within earshot, to Hillary’s take no prisoners strength.  AND, I hate to be so callous but fuck it here it goes, having Sanders literally be one bad day away from the presidency is a, dare I say it one last time, yuuuuge deal.😉

So Berners, don’t look at this as the end. And Secretary Clinton, for the love of god, MAKE SANDERS YOUR RUNNING MATE OR YOU WILL MAKE YOUR PRESIDENCY MUCH HARDER THAN IT HAS TO BE!

Carlin in the Morning

I feel consistantly obligated to share my evolving and simplfying perspective on the word god.

Do I believe in a physical being who created us in our image, and an afterlife in the heavens?  Hell no, for the same reason I don’t believe in astrology or ghosts, show me the evidence and have a logical argument.  The foundation of all these beliefs are on andecdotal evidence, not legitmate facts, which creates blatant fallacies in their arguments.

That being said, I am not about to burn the Horoscope section of the newspaper nor block people from entering their church of choice, anachronistic though I find both to be I believe in our freedom to whatever we want (as long as its all consenting) is much more important than my personal annoyances.  I also am willing to admit that possibly, though very highly unlikely, I could be wrong.  I’ll bet we are all wrong to be honest, most likely there are stranger things in heaven and earth than is dreamt in our philosophy.

But I can say, that the Idea of God is real and has always been very real because we defined the idea of god by assigning language (the communication of ideas) to what was before just a fluid thought.  Every culture and language throughout mankind has had a word and concept for God.  So in a sense I do believe in God, but I only believe in the idea of God.

Does that make me an atheist? If sticking labels on things makes you feel better I suppose, though I see myself more as a Nihlistix Taoist with Marxist politics.  Ain’t I a barrel of fun?

So with that in mind, here is George Carlin having a spirited debate where both he and the woman  (I didn’t see her name sorry) make very valid points.

This election has me pretty bummed, and when Politics depresses me one man always succeeded in putting the fire back in me.  RIP Carlin, a real rebel.

Elizabeth Warren, proof the DNC is pathetic (Not a GOP endorsement)

Those who know me and follow this blog know that I am proudly a rabid Sander’s supporter.  Yes I am a Bernie Bro and I will embrace that attempt at a deragatory slur with pride.  I will continue to support Sander until the word’s “I concede” come out of his mouth.

That being said, I am a realist, the odds are Sanders will not be the nominee and I do acknowledge that and accept it.  However the out of touch joke that is the DNC is epitomized by the, for lack of a better word, betrayal, of Elizabeth Warren to the Occupy Movement and young people who essentially catapulted her political career.  Warren herself is an admirable individual, do not misinterpret my criticism as a lack of respect for her, but I must make the observation that Elizabeth Warren was never in fact this angel of the people we made her out to be.

Though she is much closer to Sanders when it comes to her stance on many major issues, those of us who used to be her rabdid supporters made a grossly misguided error in our support for her.  The stark difference between Bernie and literally every democrat, including admirable ones like John Lewis or Warren, is that Bernie was not actually a democrat until this election, and he only declared a party affiliation out of political neccesity.  I have to remind everyone of a sad truth about Warren, she was always a democrat.

“But James, the democratic party is so pragmatic and stands for all these progressive issues.”

Out of politeness, I usually repress my urge to yell, BULLSHIT, but since this is my blog I can say whatever I want, so let me just say that is pure bullshit.

Now before anyone misinterprets this as an appraisal of the GOP, think again.  I may dislike the DNC, but I despise the GOP and the current state of their even more anachranistic party speaks for itself.  I am not going to just state the obvious, we all know the GOP sucks, but I am going to make the less popular observations about these democrats that are constantly painted as benevolent saints when they are just lessers of two evils.

The DNC is in fact the lesser of two evils, the pragmatic nature of the people in the party makes them more open to necceasry changes in public policy.  That is fair and should be noted.  However the party has demonstrated that the truly progressive agenda of the Sander’s campaign.  The platfrom that Clinton and the whole DNC NEEDS to adopt if they ever want to win over Sander’s supporters, and millenials as a whole, was essentially rejected by the platform commitee, including diginity for the Palestinian people and Universal Health Care.  The DNC, the party of Warren, the party she has always aligned with, made that decision.

Warren’s endorsement of Clinton is understandable, Clinton is the likely nominee and Warren is mostly concerned with beating Trump, which is totally fair.  But you cannot just run a campaign on fear of the opposition when you don’t actually represent the views of the people you want to win over.  Warren is like anyother life long political democrat, blatantly out of touch with the real world and road blocking real change by allying with the people who are causing the problem.  By standing on that stage she is putting her party ahead of the needs of the people, which is what all democrats do.  She has been a democrat from the beginning, you cannot claim to support the people if you are a life long member of a party that has never infact represented the modern people.

I respect Elizabeth Warren, but I no longer support her.  The DNC is a joke until Sander’s platform becomes the inherent platform of the party.  Yes we need to beat Trump, but we also need to stop letting two out dated and out of touch parties make the decisions that affect the lives of everyday people.

The day after the DNC rejects the core of Bernie’s platform, Warren stands on a stage proudly declaring. “I’m With Her” Excuse me as I roll my eyes at such a laughably egomanical campaign slogan, but I still like what Sander’s has to say better, “This is not about me, this is about us.”