Peace out!

I’m changing directions, but keeping this site up. I’m writing under a new name, but apparently I can’t change the URL on this website without deleting important links.

Later yall!

First Draft Hero (poem)

First draft hero!

No class zero.

Oh, did you not know that poetry is a business now?

Everything is. Hustle away…

Hustle away…

The 1980s didn’t end they just turned into reality tv.

First draft hero changes the font half way through.

Those listening to this poem can’t hear it. But I changed the font again. I went from VHS to streaming without buying DVDs or a Clinton presidency in-between.

I’m a first draft hero ladies!

I don’t use Grammarly or condoms.

If this were a Frank Zappa there’d be a wild interlude right here. But I don’t know how to work a wah wah peddle to save my life.

(Insert piano zing and punchline drumroll here)

These aren’t euphemisms by the way.

(Punchline drumroll again)

First draft hero yall.

No regrets. Yolo. I’m old, wtf do kids say now?

When it comes to poetry it’s always tldr.

First draft hero, first draft hero,

first draft hero…

February 27, 2022

I just ate four hamburgers and drank a beer,

but war were declared.

I’ve been drunk for 5 days,

but war were declared.

I’d go to sleep wanting to cry,

but war were declared.

I like to rewatch Futurama when I’m sad,

but war were declared.

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