Poetry or Politics, Wtf should I write!?

I just want to write.

They say to become a great writer you have to write everyday, no excuses, and it doesn’t matter what you write, just write everyday.

But here is my biggest problem, I want to write everything.

I have gotten into the habit of writing everyday, sometimes I work on this blog, sometimes I spit out an article that I might pitch to someone later, sometimes I work on my screenplay, but in any case all I want to do is write!

And I want to write everything! I want to write books, novels, essays, articles, screenplays and poems. I want to write comedy sketches and speeches for leftist candidates.

I just want to write!

It seems that to get ahead in this industry you have to pick one discipline of writing, one discipline and one audience and you have to speak to them through one voice.

But I want to write everything because I want my work to have an effect, I don’t want to just write for the sake of writing. I want my writing to change the world. We don’t just need stories about the world or think pieces reflecting on the world, we need to change the world!

In college I wanted to write comedy sketches, and I did, but my Youtube sketch show flopped because, well let’s be honest, it was just a 21-year-old and his friends making goofy videos when they were visiting each other from college.

In other words, it sucked and I wasn’t funny.

I also wanted to write films, screenplays, and for television, and if I can be honest I still do.

But getting a foot in the door in that industry is hard, and every time I had a foot in the door it would slam on me and break my ankle.

And guess what?

I also want to write poetry.

To be honest I think poetry is my strongest medium, it’s freeing, it’s expressive, it’s both a craft and an art, and I actually get more likes on my poems than I do on most of my political posts. Poetry is where I feel I can throw out all my inhibitions and both be myself and provoke thought in the world. I can be expressive yet subversive and provocative all at once.

Yet poetry is probably the hardest kind of writing to make a living off of, especially in a cold-hearted world like one that elects people like Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

And if that weren’t enough, I also want to write about politics, socialist theory, and organizing, which you had to have noticed considering the fact that I advertise this as a socialist blog. I used to be very philosophical, until I realized I was a Marxist. Marx made me realize that philosophers merely reflect on the world, but it must be changed. Theory changes the world, philosophy just reflects on it.

As a Marxist I am subversive and I love subversive literature, and I always wanted to change the world through the texts I write. I started blogging about socialism and politics to hopefully spark ideas and influence change. If I can get one more person to become a socialist from reading my work, then I have done my job. I hope that hardcore socialists can enjoy my work, I also hope that people curious about socialism can get some insight into who we are and how we think.

And if that weren’t enough for you, I originally wanted to write novels, and guess what, I still do!

When I made the decision to become a writer I began pouring my heart and soul into writing poetry, stories, novels, and screenplays. I was 17 when I finished my first novella, and I was 19 when I finished what was probably my best one, which I published on this blog under its old title, Poems and Other Shit (Read my about me page)

I know I should a discipline and just stick with it, but hell, is it so wrong that all I want to do is pour myself onto the page for a living? Is it wrong that I want to both change the world and entertain people? Is it wrong that I want to be a journalist, a theorist, a novelist, a poet, and a screenwriter all at once? I don’t see why that should be out of reach, other than issues of privilege and class but putting that aside, I don’t think I should have to pick one discipline of writing when I enjoy so many of the different mediums so much.

It’s taken me 12 years, but I think I am starting to get a hang on this whole writing thing. It can be frustrating, I’ve had many a doors closed on me, and my ankles broken many times.

The good news is I have strong bones, I heal quickly.

Will I every be in a position to write it all? Most likely no, I probably won’t get to write for TV, comedy, and films while also writing novels and poems while also running a blog about liberating the working class.

But I’d rather try my whole life to do at least one of those things than spend my life doing none of them.

No Lis Smith, Biden Can’t Win The Election From His Basement

For the love of god liberals, do you never learn!?

This is a genuine appeal to anyone who is still in any way loyal to the Joe Biden and the Democrats, STOP LISTENING TO PEOPLE WHO TELL YOU THAT YOU DONT NEED TO ACTIVELY CAMPAIGN!

Lis Smith argues in favor of Joe Biden making the same mistakes Hillary Clinton did in 2016

The most successful presidential races have always been ones that are grassroots and built on a person to person network of engagement, this is especially true for swing states and it is a lesson that they should have learned in 2016!

Hillary Clinton lost multiple swing states, especially in the midwest, because her campaign took those states for granted and minimized their campaign efforts in those states.

On the other hand, Obama won most swing states in 2008 because he actively campaigned there, AND that campaign was filled with volunteers excited and willing to go canvass, phonebank, and social media blast for their candidate.

You might think that because the president is failing so publicly during this pandemic that any candidate against him would be a lock to win, but polls show that excitement for the Biden campaign is generating the lowest excitement for a candidate in the history of the democratic party, only 20-30 percent of democrats are actually excited about Joe Biden being the nominee, and most polls have Trump and Biden going back and forth in swing states with a margin of 2-3%.

If the Biden campaign does not create a network of person to person engagement then the Biden campaign is beyond doomed, it is destined to fail for the rest of their existence if they don’t start building a method of grassroots engagement around the COVID crisis. Lis Smith is correct that Biden cannot commit to what she calls a “traditional presidential campaign” but that does not mean he can assume a safe victory using nothing but video town halls from his house.

When you take person to person campaigning for granted or sacrifice it to favor a more plutocratic model, you lose, always. The reason Bernie was going strong in the primary, and in February was the inevitable nominee, was because he had the best door to door, person to person ground game of any candidate. When the pandemic started he lost that network and as a result he lost the primary. This should serve as a lesson for Biden’s campaign, person to person engagement is the new politics and it is vital to winning. Bernie knew this, Obama knew this, but apparently Biden, the Clintons, and the DNC don’t.

So liberals, do not trust any pundit who tells you that you do not need to campaign or that a campaign can win without one on one engagement, they can’t. The future of politics is grassroots, not neoliberal or plutocratic. If you don’t engage on a personal level with your electorate then the Democratic Party will never win another election, and it almost feels like they are trying to make that happen.

So no, Joe Biden can’t win the election from his basement, no candidate can or ever will. Yes, Biden can’t run a traditional campaign because of the covid pandemic, but that should be incentive for the Biden campaign to get creative, not an excuse for the Democrats to get lazy.

A Hug

Is our safety now a cliche,

has not the veil been lifted?

Behind are the faces of monsters,

who were hiding in plain site.

Just an excuse that the dead make,

they weren’t hiding at all.

When life is low

there is usually light in love,

and in true love, usually a hug will do.

A simple embrace,

the touch of a family’s heart,

the solidarity of a friend,

the warmth of a lover,

a simple embrace, and a simple gesture.

Never has something so small been so big

and something so big been so missed.

How Covid Killed The Bernie Campaign

The campaign for Bernie Sanders was riding high before super Tuesday. Sanders was the inevitable nominee for the Democratic Party and the Democratic Socialists of America’s campaign for Bernie was going strong.

Even after Biden had gained ground on Super Tuesday, Bernie was well-positioned to make a comeback in New York and other states with high delegate counts, especially in Illinois and the midwest. Despite any setbacks from Super Tuesday, the campaign to elect Bernie Sanders had one key strength that would have won Bernie the nomination, ground game.

Whether it was the DSA’s campaign for Bernie or the official Bernie campaign, what was helping Bernie Sanders win was the network of volunteer canvassers and phonebankers having one on one conversations with the electorate. That, and those rallies of his which were like a rock concert of social media gold!

This has always been a strength for any campaign Bernie has had his name attached to. From his campaigns in Vermont to the presidency, one on one and public rallies engagement has always been Bernie’s strengths.

But all politicians have rallies, it was the one on one engagement that really made the difference for Bernie. The door to door canvassers and phonebankers who were going out of their way to talk to voters, not just to pitch Bernie Sanders but to have genuine conversations about the issues important to them, that was what mobilized the Sander’s base and it was what every other candidate lacked. No other primary candidate had a door to door, person to person ground game like Bernie Sanders, DSA, and the other organizations campaigning for Sanders had.

Then the COVID pandemic began, that is when it all went to hell.

Bernie was poised to make a comeback in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, and especially New York where over 100 people attended the first DSA mass canvass for Bernie after Super Tuesday. But once social distancing came into play, all of Bernie’s ground game was lost. Once that ground game was lost, their was a clear pathway for whoever the corporate media had anointed as the nominee.

Unfortunately for the country, the media had anointed perverted creep and former segregationist, Joe Biden.

This is what frustrates me the most about Sanders’ loss. Biden had none of the ground game or person to person networking that Sanders had, but for no reason other than having powerful connections and media attention, Biden walked into the nomination without ever getting off his lazy ass to engage the electorate.

We all know by now that Obama was pulling strings behind the scenes to get candidates to drop out and coalesce around Biden before Super Tuesday, except for Liz Warren who was kept in the race to keep the progressive vote split and made Biden’s resurgence a mathematic guarantee.

The only reason Biden is the nominee is because his powerful friends manipulated the primary behind the scenes and the corporate media talked more about Biden’s weak campaign than about Sanders’ strong intersectional following. I’ve seen many more Biden rallies televised than Sanders’ rallies, and Biden rallies never filled a high school gym, Bernie could fill a stadium, but CNN never mentioned that did they?

The only strength, literally the only thing that Biden had that Sanders did not, was media attention, and unfortunately that was enough to anoint Biden. Despite having no ground game, no person to person network, Biden walked into the nomination because the powers that be gave it to him. (Thanks Obama. 🖕🏻)

My biggest take away from this election is three-fold: 1. Lenin was right, a bourgeioise press will always be the enemy of the people. There is no such thing as Freedom of the Press where media is a business and not a public commodity. 2. I am reminded of the words of the late great George Carlin, “It’s a big club, and you aint in it.” 3. Covid took away our ability to connect with the working class on household to household, person to person basis. Covid cost Bernie the election just as much as Obama and the media did.

This means that socialists, and Bernie Sanders, will have to figure out a way to maintain the person to person network that allows us to organize and mobilize the working class, otherwise we lose and footing and gains we have made. We need to get creative and we need to do it now.

Bring Back Bernie and Justice for Tara: A False Equivalency

The allegations against Joe Biden are sufficient enough to demand that he remove himself from the race and abdicate the democratic party’s nomination.

Tara Reade, Joe Biden’s victim, during her interview with Megyn Kelly

It’s not going to happen, in the last few weeks the level of hypocrisy inherent to the DNC became publicly apparent when the people who were shouting “Believe ALL women!” last year began using the same talking points as Trump supporters did during the Kavanaugh hearings in order to defend their support of Joe Biden.

These are dark times, especially for survivors.

There is always hope in the left and progressive movement though, the consistent public pressure is forcing the establishment democrats to take a stand on the issue, and because they are taking the wrong stand and taking it so publicly, their hypocrisy is exposed to the nation like never before.

It has without a doubt been the progressives who have pushed for Justice for Tara Reade more than anyone else, it was also the progressives who backed Bernie all the way to the end.

But there are some in the movement who are walking a dangerous line. There are some who seem less concerned with getting Tara justice and seem more interested in getting Bernie Sanders to “unsuspend” his campaign. A common trope you will see on social media equates winning Bernie the nomination as justice for Tara Reade.

This is not a good thought process, it both erases and belittles victims and hurts the leftist movement.

Let’s first address the calls for Bernie to “unsuspend” his campaign. We must acknowledge that this is a pipe dream, Bernie is not going to “unsuspend” his campaign, it would be political suicide at this point and would give the democratic establishment immense fodder against him.

If Bernie was to rejoin the race, at least with Biden still in it, he would look foolish and wishy-washy, he would lose credibility in the eyes of most swing voters. Since Bernie has already endorsed Joe Biden, it would make himself look indecisive and even opportunistic, it would make it seem like he was using Tara’s case to seize the nomination for himself.

I can only imagine the kind of MSM fodder that would be turned into.

Too many are making a false equivalency that getting Bernie back in the running and that justice for Tara are the same thing. They are not. Getting justice for Tara is a separate matter from getting Bernie the democratic nomination and they should not be equated to each other.

If we equate justice for Tara solely with Bernie’s nomination then we distract from the realities of sexual assault and what victims go through, instead of centralizing the needs of the victim and her story we perpetuate the idea that we need a male white knight politician to save them.

I do agree that if Joe Biden drops out of the race thanks to the growing public pressure Bernie Sanders should be drafted as the democratic nominee. He has the 2nd most delegates behind Biden and that would be the most democratic choice for the party to make. If the democrats draft a different candidate, especially if its one who did not campaign in the primary, the democrats will lose by an even wider margin than they would have with Biden, at least some people voted for Joe Biden but if we go from a candidate who got some votes to a candidate no one voted for, then the democratic party has no business calling itself democratic.

But we must remember that Bernie being the candidate 2nd to Biden in delegates is merely a technicality in the matter when demanding that Biden step down, and getting Bernie the nomination is not even a guarantee that Reade will receive actual justice.

Justice for Tara and getting Bernie to unsuspend his campaign are not the same thing, and it should be remembered that “unsuspending” a campaign would be political suicide and hurt Bernie’s public image more than it would help. Leftists and progressives need to focus on getting Reade justice, replacing Biden with Bernie should be incidental to that, not central to it, it hurts the Me Too movement if we equate getting a candidate nominated with justice for a victim because it erases the victim.

Don’t erase Tara Reade, don’t belittle anyone’s victimhood.

Biden and the Blue M.A.G.A.

Listen, I want to make it clear, I don’t judge people who are going to vote for Biden, I really don’t, because I get it. You want Donald Trump out and you’d probably vote for a raw turnip if it won the nomination. I can respect your desire to make Trump into a one term loser.

But the fact is this, to support Joe Biden you do have to either ignore or excuse the rape allegations against him, and that I think warrants scrutiny.

“I am liar, a pig, and a rapist” – Joe Biden

Now, many liberals are resorting to the same exact tactics the right wing used to defend Trump in 2016 when they are defending Joe Biden.

When you scream, “You’re a Russian agent.” Or “You want Trump to win!” when someone scrutinizes Biden, that is no different than when Trump supporters say, “You hate America!” when you challenge Donald Trump. It’s an illogical false equivalency and a non-sequitur.

Two things can be true at the same time, you can hate Donald Trump AND you can believe Tara Reade. It would behoove liberals to get that through their heads.

Some Biden supporters today are demanding that Chris Hayes resign for doing his job as a journalist and talking about the allegations. Is that not just the same as MAGAts calling every exposé on Trump “fake news”?

If you can’t handle scrutiny of your political opinion then go buy a MAGA hat, or at least admit you don’t look at politics based on material realities of the poor and working classes but instead that you treat it like a sports team you’ve attached your identity to.

This is exactly why Trump got elected, even republicans who didn’t like Trump voted for Trump because to them politics is about party identity, not about material reality.

Democrats are showing themselves to be no different that the GOP when they go after Tara Reade or the people who believe her. If you support Joe Biden, then address the allegations against him and tell the truth, that you either excuse or ignore the allegations. Don’t insult my or any other intersectional feminists’ intelligence by doing otherwise.

Bernie Isnt Going To Unsuspend, Unless…

The calls for Biden to quit the race are growing and so is the amount of evidence corroborating Tara Reade’s allegations. Evidence including a 1993 clip of Reade’s mother calling into Larry King to discuss the accusations has emerged and mysteriously vanished from CNN’s website. Anecdotal evidence from Reade’s former neighbors has also been found.

As the call for Biden to step out of the race grows, so grows the calls for Bernie Sanders to unsuspend his campaign and retract his endorsement of Joe Biden.

The odds of this happening are incredibly low and they shrank even more today when it was announced that the presidential primary in NY is cancelled and that Bernie’s name will not even be on the ballot.

Here is the issue, the demands for Bernie to rejoin the race are only coming from one place, his base. It is not coming from anywhere else and Bernie’s base alone is not enough to get him to rejoin the race because Bernie needs more than the votes of Leftists to win the nomination. It will take pressure from outside his base to get Bernie to even consider rejoining the race, especially now that he isn’t even on the ballot for one of the most populated states’ primary.

We shouldn’t just pressure Bernie to rejoin the race, we should be pressuring other people to pressure Bernie.

So, where is our pressure would be the most effective:

1. The Democratic National Committee

The DNC needs to be flooded with pressure from registered democrats if we want them to press Biden to step down. Biden isn’t going to leave the race as long as the DNC is standing by him.

One of the arguments the establishment is using against #NeverBiden is that the calls for Biden to step down are not coming from actual Democratic Party members but from a fringe of the party and outsiders who support Bernie. It is on pro Bernie registered Democrats to email, call, tweet and message the DNC with the following script.

“I, ___________, a party member since _____________ , demand that Joe Biden abdicate the nomination for president. I believe the rape allegations against him should be investigated and the party must draft a new candidate to replace him.”

If the DNC can’t log online without being bombarded with this input, they will eventually have to listen.

Contact DNC https://democrats.org/contact-us/

DNC twitter: https://twitter.com/DNC

DNC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/democrats/

Tom Perez (DNC CHAIR) twitter: https://twitter.com/TomPerez

2. Call Gov. Cuomo of New York

The establishment needs to see that people still want to vote for Bernie and that keeping his name off the ballot is a miscarriage of democracy. As we flood the DNC with our complaints so must we do so in New York.

If you live in NY:

Find Your Assemblyperson https://nyassembly.gov/mem/search/

Gov. Cuomo’s Offices Phone Number 15184748390

Contact form for Gov. Cuomo https://www.governor.ny.gov/content/governor-contact-form

It is important to remember that getting Tara Reade justice and getting Bernie to rejoin the race are not the same thing and should not be equated to each other. However Reade is more likely to get justice if Biden is removed from the race and Bernie is the only politician who polls high enough with independent voters that insure Donald Trump will be defeated in November. Remember, you don’t need to win over democrats or republicans to win in US politics, you need to win over independant, no party preference voters. They are the largest voter demographic in the country and the majority of them do lean left on the most vital issues of the day, especially the 69% of the country who support Medicare for All.

This is a small time blog with only a few hundred followers, I don’t expect a movement to be started here. I am just pointing out that if people want Bernie back in the race this is where they need to put their energy, not just on Bernie himself to rejoin but on the institutions that pushed Bernie out in the first place.

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Hello Dear Readers!

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While there considering becoming patron for as low as $1.50 a month! Remember this blog is self run and only funded by the readers. I receive no money for the ads on this site.

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Bernie is Out, What Should I Do Now?

Now that Bernie has suspended his campaign for president, the campaigns for a Green New Deal and Medicare for All might seem like even more of a pipe dream than ever, especially when you get lost in the doom and gloom hanging over us thanks to the current pandemic.

This is not the case however. While Bernie suspending his campaign is a setback the fight for genuine material gains for the working class lives on. It was here before Bernie and it will live on long after him until everyone becomes employed, sheltered, and fed.

With Bernie suspending his campaign we do however need to shift gears. It might feel easy to give up now but we cannot. A game does not end because one player has to sit out, the team carries on and tries to win anyway, and that is what we must do.

And even though Bernie himself had to pull out of the race, his ideas are still winning. Most Democrats do support things like a Green New Deal and Medicare for All, so do not think we have no leverage anymore without Bernie as a candidate.

So here are some of the things you can do now to keep the momentum going and growing:

1. Join DSA.

If you are disillusioned by the lack of democracy in the so called “democratic” party and want to organize for these progressive campaigns in a space that is democratic not just in name but in practice, then you should join DSA. The only organization that is campaigning for these issues in a serious, nuanced manner is the Democratic Socialists of America. The Democrats will cede nothing to us without consistent pressure from collective outside organizing. This outside organization can mobilize members to pressure elected officials to vote one way or the other without being restrained by internal party limitations. Which brings me to my second point.

2. Phone Blast your representatives

Whenever anything related to housing for all, medicare for all, college for all, jobs for all etc comes up in congress, state legislatures, or your city councils, a phone blast campaign is one of the most powerful ways you can pressure your elected officials to vote. If enough calls are made and their staff is over worked to the point where all they do in a day is answer constituents calls, then your elected official is likely to vote in line with that public pressure, even if it goes the vote against their party. Consider the first vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act in 2017 when Trump first took office, those efforts were defeated because Congressional offices received an average of 1000 calls a day demanding they vote against the repeal. As a result even the most hardcore anti Obamacare republicans voted against the repeal and the ACA remained in tact.


You might wonder “what is the point of voting for Bernie if he’s ending his campaign and already endorsed Biden?”

One word, DELEGATES!

When candidates get your votes they are pledged a certain number of delegates. Those delegates go on to vote at the convention, where the nominee is officially chosen. If by some miracle Biden drops out, (which he should because of sexual assault allegations) and a new candidate needs to be drafted, so the more delegates Bernie has the better case the party has for drafting him as the replacement candidate. Keep in mind this his a highly unlikely scenario given that Bernie has already publicly endorsed Biden.

But it is also important to remember is that the more delegates Bernie has going into the convention the more progressive votes we have to set the party agenda. The convention is not only where the nominee is made official, it is where the party platform is written. The more progressive votes we have on the convention floor the more we can push the democratic party agenda to the left, the more we push it to the left the more Joe Biden or who ever is nominated is obligated to answer to us once in office. It will be easier to pressure and hold Biden accountable if he is seen to be in opposition to his own party platform once in office.

4. Vote

Just because Bernie isn’t running for president anymore does not mean you should skip voting all together. There are several down ballot democratic socialists and progressives running in local and congressional elections across the country, such as Shahid Buttar in San Francisco. Local and Congressional races actually have more material impact than any presidential election. Think of it like this, the Feds decide who gets how much money, but it is your local elected officials who decide how that money is spent. It is also important to remember, as stated above, that while Bernie lost his ideas are winning and there is a call for democratic socialist candidates. In Sacramento the DSA was successful in elected Katie Valenzuela, a dues paying member, to the city council, ousting two term incumbent and anti rent control champion Steve Hansen.

I am not enthused by electoral politics now that Bernie dropped out, but I will not abandon the chance to get people who can push for our agenda elected.

Plus, strictly hypothetical, lets say we flip Congress from GOP to Dem controlled and do it with a majority of Democratic Socialist and Progressive Dems. Biden has maintained his opposition to Medicare for All, even saying he would veto it if a bill made it through Congress. This does not mean the bill is permanently defeated, because the Constitution states that Congress can override a presidential veto with a 2/3 majority vote in both houses. There is also historical precedent for this as this was how congress functioned under the presidency of Andrew Johnson. Johnson would veto most of the reconstruction measures put to him and because congress was controlled by his opposition his vetoes were over ruled.

If we can gain the majority in both houses of congress and gain it using Democratic Socialist candidates, whoever is President will have to answer to that Congress.

It is a mathematical long shot however, but it is an important aspect of constitutional law that socialist agitators cannot take for granted.

5. Support Mutual Aid Projects And Strike Actions

No doubt that if you volunteered in a DSA campaign for Bernie or with the Bernie campaign itself you have also connected with other organizers and activists related to other projects. The campaigns for Bernie have built networks across the country that can and must be utilized to organize for local material needs. The campaign network created by Bernie and DSA to turn people out to canvass can be used to turn coordinate direct action, or it could be used to rally support and fundraise for causes like immigrant support, resources for the unhoused, materials for quarantined seniors, the possibilities are almost endless. The campaign networks set up to elect Bernie must not be dismantled but retooled and campaign volunteers should take the initiative to connect to the network they have built and support their local material demands.

Yes, these are sad days my dear readers, but none of the organizers who have fought the hardest ever gave up. Not Nelson Mandela, Not Martin Luther King, Jr, not Eugene V Debs, and not Bernie Sanders. Don’t call yourself a socialist if you are going to throw in the towel after one electoral defeat.

Bernie and the Allegations Against Biden

Let me make two things abundantly clear,

I do not blame Bernie for endorsing Joe Biden, and I still believe Tara Reade.

It is not my place to speak for victims of sexual assault and I am not trying to do so here. I do think however we need to acknowledge the huge elephant in the room that Bernie’s endorsement created.

Biden has 8 accusations of sexual harassment against him and one accusation of sexual assault. A core aspect of Bernie’s support came from socialist feminists and a core aspect of socialist feminism is believing survivors.

Bernie has been silent on the allegations against Biden and Bernie’s supporters have noticed it.

We can’t blame Bernie for endorsing Biden when Bernie pledged to endorse the Democratic nominee no matter who it was. We can’t blame Bernie for staying true to his word, that’s why many of us fell in love with him in the first place.

But unless we are ready to piss away the gains made by the Me Too movement we cannot pick and choose when to believe survivors, or at least pick and choose which cases to investigate. Bernie is endorsing Biden for fair enough reasons, however Bernie does risk alienating a huge chunk of his base and is dangerously close to perpetuating rape culture with the decision to endorse Biden and not address Reade’s accusations.

If the case against Biden gains the traction that it should and we force Biden out of the nomination, as we should, then Bernie can still rescind his endorsement. In any case however we cannot ignore what this election will be doing psychologically to survivors of rape.

I am not trying to speak for victims here, I am just calling it like I see it, and the way I see it Bernie endorsing Biden is another case of Bernie keeping his promises, BUT Bernie will have to reconcile with what this election means to survivors and to his socialist feminist base.

The allegations against Biden will not and should not be forgotten, and all who endorse Biden will have to face them eventually, including Bernie.

Drop Out Biden

Joe Biden was accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade. Reade came forward to Krystal Ball and explained, in graphic detail, how Biden violated her.

Last year, 8 women came forward against Biden after Lucy Flores alleged that Biden inappropriately touched her and forcefully smelled her hair. Video montages, memes, and tweets have gone beyond viral, showing clips of Biden inappropriately touching women and young girls and making them noticeably uncomfortable.

Biden did apologize and promised that he would be more “mindful” about people’s personal space, though these women who have come forward feel his apology fell short of taking full responsibility.

While Biden has had a problematic policy record when it comes to some issues vital to women’s rights, such as abortion, he has quite vocal about violence against women for many years now. Biden introduced the Violence Against Women Act to Congress in 1990 and in 2016 he wrote an open letter to Chanel Miller (then referred to as Emily Doe), who was the victim of notorious rapist Brock Turner.

In this strongly worded letter, Biden made it clear that he believed the victim and thanked her for her bravery coming forward. Biden even made it clear that it is vital we believe survivors when they come forward they way that she did.

 I join your global chorus of supporters, because we can never say enough to survivors: I believe you. It is not your fault.

Biden now faces sexual assault allegations, and as someone who has established an extensive political career “believing women,” he has a moral obligation to step out of the race for president.

If Biden becomes the Democrats’ nominee then it will be a contest of two men who both have sexual assault allegations against them. This would not only be detrimental to women, but to the entire #MeToo and Time’s Up movement. We are in the middle of an unprecedented shift in our culture when victims are actually believed, and if Biden carries on to receive the nomination we are saying that we should only believe victims when it is convenient for our own agendas. If Biden continues to pursue the nomination he is demonstrating that his words to Chanel Miller and to all survivors where exactly that, just words.

I know some will intellectualize why it’s okay to not believe Tara Reade and some will point to Biden’s record of supporting survivors as proof of his innocence. “He can’t be a rapist, he has always supported women. He wrote VAWA!”

We need to remind these people that it is common for predators to use survivors and good causes as a cover for their horrible deeds. Remember, Louie CK and Harvey Weinstein were both vocal Hillary Clinton supporters, and the Penn State pedophile Jerry Sandusky found his victims through a children’s charity that he created. It is very easy for predators to hide behind their prey in our culture and this must be addressed, we need to do more than just believe survivors we need to dismantle the systems of power that allow predators to exist in the first place.

But in all of the previously mentioned cases, justice, to some degree, was served. Sandusky and Weinstein are both now in prison and Louie CK’s career is in the toilet compared to where it was 10 years ago. Biden however is still in the race for the nomination and is still being treated as the presumptive Democratic nominee by the media.

The media has been virtually silent about Tara Reade, the story has been viral for days now and yet sources like CNN and MSNBC have said next to nothing.

What are we telling survivors if we pick and choose the ones we believe? Even if Biden denies the allegations, as he has, that does not change the reality that allowing him to continue in the race sends a message that we only have to believe survivors when it fits our personal narrative. That can never be the case.

I believe the women who came forward about Donald Trump, I also believe the woman who have come forward about Al Franken. I do not ask “what is their motives for coming forward now?” I do not care what Reade’s politics are and I do not care. She is a victim and deserves to be heard, period.

Keep in mind there is also a significant degree of evidence to support that Biden would actually do something like this. It is not just her word against his, because along with Biden’s history of creepily touching girls and sniffing women’s hair, in 2014 Secret Service agents went into detail about how Biden would skinny dip in front of female agents, much to their discomfort.

Oh, and we also can never forget about what he did to Anita Hill.

Another thing to keep in mind, Donald Trump is ridiculously good at using fodder against his opponents, especially when he can validate that fodder. Just look at how he rallied all of the women who have allegations against Bill Clinton so swiftly and look at how it helped legitimize his campaign in the eyes of his supporters. This one allegation is enough fodder for Trump to use in any number of debates and attack ads. It is beyond a political risk to run Biden at this point, it is political suicide.

With evidence mounting against him in the middle of such an important cultural shift and at a time when we have a president accused of sexual assault, we cannot allow victims to be belittled by Biden’s candidacy.

Biden, as the person who wrote the Violence Against Women Act, who publicly and adamantly believed Emily Doe, who has said that we should believe survivors “no matter how long it takes them to come forward,” has a moral obligation to step out of the race. It is an insult to all survivors of sexual assault if the two choices for president in 2020 both have assault allegations against them. Choosing between two predators for the highest office of the land is a decision no one should have to make.

Biden needs to drop out now. For the sake of survivors everywhere, for the sake of integrity, for the sake of defeating Donald Trump, Biden must drop out.

Bernie Should Stay in the Race Until The Convention

The results from yesterdays primaries in Illinois, Florida, and Arizona should be considered void and another election should be held and held remotely with absentee ballots.

The Biden campaign and the DNC both demonstrated a blatant disregard for people’s safety by encouraging people to still show up and vote in person while in the middle of a pandemic. There is a term for this, voter intimidation.

The DNC and Biden campaign both completely disregarded the severity of this pandemic, and as a result I guarantee you that we will see a spike in Coronavirus cases in these three states within the next two weeks.

While Bernie is behind in delegates, to allow these results to go uncontested is a middle finger to the people who could not vote in person without risking spread of the disease or infecting themselves. The only chance these voices might be heard now is at the Democratic Convention. Tom Perez’s lack of regard for peoples lives is infuriating and blatantly undemocratic.

While Perez has since encouraged remaining states to switch to absentee and remote voting, it is far too little to late, and he only did so after Biden was assured to be declared the victor in these essential yet grossly mishandled primaries. This just adds to the list of reasons why Tom Perez should resign.

Normally I would not favor a contested convention however when multiple states have what can only be deemed illegitimate results then we must do everything we can to challenge the authority being called on to justify those results.

Bernie should stay in the race until the convention.

Postpone the Primaries

Louisiana postponed their primary election date to June 20th as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Other states that have yet to vote or caucus, such as Georgia and Wyoming, are also taking precautionary measures. The Georgia primary was postponed until May 19th and Wyoming has canceled the in-person meetings of their caucuses.

However the states slated to vote on Tuesday March 17th; Ohio, Arizona, Florida, and Illinois seem to be going forward with their votes as planned. This is a bad idea.

To hold elections in the middle of a pandemic is grossly irresponsible and dangerous. Some leftists worry that the postponing of the primaries creates a dangerous precedent, that party and state officials in the future will just move election dates around whenever they want to. I am sympathetic to those concerns, however I think postponing the primaries is the smart and safe thing to do. I also feel the dangerous precedent that is set up by moving the primary dates so suddenly creates a better argument for having all primary votes on a single national holiday. It is a dangerous precedent, but it is also one of the many ways the Coronavirus has exposed the faults in our system.

In any case, when health officials are demanding self quarantines and social distancing and large gatherings in tight spaces are being discouraged, to also have an election in that time is a complete middle finger to all voters of all demographics. It doesn’t matter who you support, both Biden and Bernie supporters should be outraged about this.

Party and state officials that are carrying on with business as usual are putting lives at risk, charts have shown that the spread of the disease curbs the sooner places initiate social distancing. The fact that elections are still going on is officials telling voters that they need to risk exposing themselves to viral infection in order to practice their constitutional right to vote, that is disgusting.

Further, it disregards the safety of the most vulnerable of voters, especially the elderly and auto immune compromised, both of whom are likely to vote in mass in this election since so much is riding on issues related to healthcare and social security.

Yes it is worrisome that states can just switch up election dates whenever they choose, but to do so in order to reduce the risk of exposure is the right thing to do and more states, especially the states expected to vote on Sunday, should follow Louisiana’s example.

If they plan to carry on with the election despite the health warnings, then for the love of good, take every precaution you can. We have so much riding in this election that we cannot allow anything to reduce voter turnout, but we cannot allow officials to force vulnerable voters into this “damned if you do or don’t” situation.

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