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A Roof and A Doctor

A Roof and A Doctor

A roof and a doctor,

Things we all need.

Those without them,

Society takes no heed.

Health and housing,

These are rights.

Health and housing,

It is for these I fight.

Soldiers marching,

Here my call.

Workers marching,

Will never fall.

In these times,

We must never lie down.

For the master’s crimes,

We will destroy the crown.

The Weekly Protest : No More Normal | James J Jackson on Patreon

Many people want to go back to normal after the pandemic ends, but for me back to normal isn’t even an option.
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A Villanelle For Capital

Get up, eat.

Drink some speed.

Get on the rat race’s beat.

Out the door, you proceed,

just another person in the street.

Not an inch of power to concede.

Show up, sign the sheet,

like the faceless hog decreed,

and with pay, you can’t compete.

Day in and out, at a painful speed,

destroy your brains and heartbeat,

and don’t slow down, or profits you’ll impede.

All in the black on the balance sheet,

Covid means nothing to the hogs of greed.

Just profits, deaths, and lives incomplete.

You think this is wrong? You’re just a deadbeat.

This is the life to which you agreed.

Because the bosses kept the receipt,

and will gladly beat you until you bleed.

The Weekly Protest : Save Comedy | James J Jackson on Patreon

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The Weekly Protest: How to Help Struggling Writers | James J Jackson on Patreon

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Accounting ☂️

Learn the code.

Learn the lingo.

“Accounting” doesn’t really mean accounting in online speak.

“What does it mean?”

Can’t tell you.

“What, why!?”

Because I’m not a snitch.


Learn the lingo.

Learn the code.


Solidarity, that’s why.

“I’m starting to get annoyed.”

Learn to live with it.


I already told you.

Now go.

Learn the lingo.

Learn the code.

The Weekly Protest: 10 Quotes I Live By, For Some Reason | James J Jackson on Patreon

People seem to love listicles, the only thing they like better are good quotes.

So, in honor of my 10th post, here are 10 quotes I live by so you should too (spoiler alert, most of them are from Hunter S Thompson and Tom Waits.)…

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The Weekly Protest | The Jesters Have Taken Over | James J Jackson on Patreon

How many millions of people treat the words of the late George Carlin as gospel?

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Repeat the show you’ve seen a million times.

Repeat and pour yourself another.

Repeat your good intentions.

Repeat your abuses.

Repeat your habits, the good, the bad, and the destructive.

Repeat your favorite quotes and your favorite lines. It doesn’t annoy anyone.

Repeat your gestures.

Repeat your route to work.

Repeat your politics, and your bad opinions from highschool.

Repeat the show you’ve seen a million times before:

I think I may have already said that part.

The Oldies

The song that is playing

reminds me of a long forgotten philosophy,

a former method that was never lost

because it never could be found.

This is not literature from a street corner,

nor is it a contrived notion to put meaning

where it won’t belong.

So easy to forget,

too much to wonder,



All production, all creation,

just a matter of will,

or privilege.

Discipline is such an ugly word,

and it does not echo.

The song had no echo either.

It gets repeated

and fades more and more

into the background each day.

As the song started long ago,

it won’t stop for a very long time.

It is hard to create

when creation is a burden.

I say we all create.

To make something

something totally from the self,

no matter what motive,

no matter,

another song,

another creation,

another question,

and another echo.

This time it lasts

just a little bit longer.



The online archives

will serve as lessons in logic

for our future Plato’s in training.


upon fallacy,

legitimizing evil,

demonizing the good,

the innocent.

Easier to do that

than change.

Human spirits trampled

by intentions always unkind.

Easier to torch the land

than it is to water new seeds.

The Greats plant seeds

of the trees they never see.

Where are the greats now?

Where is our vanguard?

Our democracy?

Can social models not thrive?

Is there dignity in the internet

industry of influencers?


upon fallacy,

and lies about the innocent

whose soul and innocence

burned to ashes

by the gaslight.

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Simple Advice

Simple advice

lost in a dragged out

rag of an expression,

simple advice,

or is it insight and reference

or religious cult practice?

Words are such a skewed method

of carrying our messages.

No fault is attended to the meter,

Life is not a bitch,

simple advice.

Economy doesn’t count for my decisions,

now wait for the chorus and the drop.

Simple advice,

free attention

now returns that sense of rhythmless


I will distract myself as my fortune.

But my distraction will be productive,

another drop and rise in the rhythm,

the chorus returns,

and the art I make is worth it.

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