The Professional Protester Episode 36 : Syria


#Breaking: Syria Has Not Allowed Inspection of Suspected Chemical Attack Site

The Syrian government has not allowed U.N. investigators onto the site in Damascus where Assad has been accused of using chemical weapons against his own people.

This damages the claim that there is “no evidence” that Assad has never used chemical weapons against his people because it means that the investigators in charge have literally not been allowed to gather the evidence in question.

Many are making the claim that the accusations that Assad has used chemical weapons against Syrian civilians is either overhyped or not true. This claim is made despite the testimony of numerous refugees about state violence in Syria made since the revolution in 2012. This testimony is as easy to find as anything you can type into Google search. There is also consistent evidence of Assad using state violence in Syria against the Y.PG. And the Y.P.J.

Sacramento District Attorney To Be Given Award Despite Over 20 Incidents of Police Brutality and Helping Nazis

Sacramento District Attorney Ann Marie Schubert, up for reelection this year, was to receive an award at the West Steps of the California capital building today from a pro law enforcement group at approximately 10:30 a.m. PST.

This comes just weeks after the shooting of Stephon Clark whose death is what source say was the 22nd on record act of fatal police violence towards a black person in the Sacramento area since 2015. Zero members of the police force have been prosecuted. The same week as the Stephon Clark killing, Schubert accepted over $13,000 in campaign donations from police unions.

District Attorney Schubert, while forsaking the Stephon Clark case, is also pursuing charges against three antifascist protesters who acted in self defense when a Nazi stabbed people at a Sacramento pro Trump rally in June 2016. The Guardian has revealed that local police and her office were working with the Nazi’s to both protect the Nazi’s identities and build up the feeble case they have to prosecute the antifascists.

I am going to repeat that last bit, the top law enforcement agent in the city of Sacramento PROTECTED NAZIS, has prosecuted the police zero times, and today she was to receive an award.

Black Lives Matter Sacramento and it’s supporters were immediately on the scene at the capital enduring intimidation from CHP and Sacramento PD. Black Lives Matter Sacramento has maintained they will not let up on protests until Stephon Clark and others get justice. More actions are coming in the future.

This will mark the third straight week of protests since Stephon Clark, a 22 year old father of two, was shot to death by Sacramento Police in his own backyard.

Photo/Graphic credit – Black Lives Matter Sacramento

Breaking: NYC Trump Tower Catches Fire, 5 injured

The 50th floor of Trump Tower broke out in flames today. Reports and videos from the NYFD and CBS News show the blaze erupting and debris falling to the street. The fire has been contained, though 1 person has been reported seriously injured and 4 firefighters suffered minor injuries.

Trump took the moment to praise his buildings construction, on twitter of course.

No reports have yet been released as to how the fire started. I like to think that it was caused by them either burning evidence, be it papers for Donald Jr.’s divorce or the pictures of Pence at Fire Island, whatever the cause of the fire the facts are;

1.Trump Tower in New York caught fire on the 50th floor.

2. The fire has been put out.

3. For reasons yet unknown 5 people have been hurt, 4 of them firefighters with minor injuries and 1 undisclosed serious injury.

4. The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

5. As far as we know, Stormy Daniels is not involved, so MSNBC probably won’t cover it that much.

We will have more on this story as it comes up, but for now take enjoy the fact that piece of Trump property burned today.

UPDATES: The person previously reported seriously injured has now been reported dead according to the Associated Press.

Tony Robbins; Sexist, Quack, and Enemy of the Working Class

This morning videos from Now This went viral on twitter showing Tony Robbins belittling the Me Too Movement. In the video he rants against living under a sense of “victimhood” and says women are using the movement to foster “anger” and make themselves “significant by destroying others.”

In the video we also see a woman named Nannie McCool confront him about his belittlement of the movement, during which he actively intimidates her in-front of a large crowd in San Jose by pushing her back and walking against her. McCool, a survivor of sexual abuse, stood her ground.

“You are doing a disservice to the Me Too movement.” McCool maintained, with McCool confidence I might add and to applause from women in the crowd.

Robbins, in his ever so bizarre straw-man fashion, told the crowd of a story about a client who would not hire a woman because of looks as if it would help his case.

Much has already been written about how full of shit Tony Robbins is. George Carlin has one of the best comedy routines in the world about how there is no such thing as “Self help.”

“If you buy a book that tells you how to do something, that’s not self help, THAT’S HELP. Plus if you do something yourself, then you didn’t need any help.” – RIP George.

But what bothers me the most about Tony Robbins and his capitalization on the anachronistic “by your bootstraps” American dialect, well actually that’s it completely. Tony Robbins and his industry of self help books and seminars are part of what I call the “industry of alienation,” the capitalization of alienation directly. We are already alienated from the products of our labor and we are consistently sold this lie that work and resources are a scarcity so we must be in competition with each other, and therefore must help the “self” before we help a comrade and fellow worker. What Tony Robbins does is perpetuate this myth of competition and cashes in on it directly by selling his books and putting the delusion in his followers minds that they will one day be millionaires.

This outing of Robbins as a sexist shows how inherent patriarchy is to the capitalist structure. The Me Too Movement is liberating women from silence about abuse in the work place and their immediate environment, and in the process powerful white men are facing public scrutiny in ways they never had before. Tony Robbins can now be added to this list thanks to McCool and the retweeting thumbs of twitter users. Yet what is most important to remember is that this liberation from abuse and belittlement will help women and therefore the whole working class unite. Never forget that most of the population is women and therefore the labor force in this world both domestic and industrial is that of women. I am unaware of McCool’s politics and doubt she identifies as a radical, leftism is still marginal especially for people who would attend a Tony Robbins seminar in the first place. However this action did oust this man as the patriarchal douche and therefore class enemy that he is.

Much has already been written about the intersectionality of capitalism and patriarchy and much more eloquently so, but the recent Tony Robbins fiasco is a perfect example of how people like Robbins perpetuate the divide amongst workers and prevent us from uniting against our capitalist oligarchs.

Much has also already been written about how Tony Robbins is a quack and a fraud. I remember two years ago people were rushed from his seminar to treat severe burns on their feet from walking on hot coals. Yet I decided to do a little research myself on Tony Robbins.

First of all, the man did not go to college. Now this is not a defense of academia inherently nor is it criticism of those who chose not to attend college for whatever reason. Yet my point is that with no qualifications besides his anecdotal experience, painful though parts of it clearly are, anecdotes are not training. His stories about a sad home life or his celebrity clients or constant name drops, these things are not degrees in sociology, economics, nor psychology. He has no basic training in anything.

The companies he has founded or has stake in also generate a combined income of $6 billion a year. Forbes put Robbins net worth at $480 million in 2015.

Robbins is not a friend of the worker, and as such he perpetuates sexism and the structures of capitalism which therefore chain us all. Self help is capitalist propaganda meant to perpetuate alienation. We must practice SELF CARE, not self help. We must rest, watch our health, drink water, and meditate or at least self reflect in order to restore ourselves and function at our best. What we must not do is delude ourselves with the constantly disprovable capitalist lie that good old American gumption is enough to over come creepy gropers at work and a racist imperialist super structure that robs us all of the wealth we generate. Self help is a lie, Tony Robbins is sexist danger to working class solidarity, and I just spent over 1,000 words stating the fucking obvious.