I sit here

beer in hand

as the charcoal’s

pillow of smoke

dances in the wind,

sometimes hitting

me in the eye, but

I don’t mind the sting.


The smoke twirling

in the summer breeze

and the smokey tears

fogging my vision

remind me of my

teenage years when

I angstfully babbled

on and on and on

about seeing god

in my pot smoke.


what a pretenious

little shit I was.


So many memories

in a pillow of smoke,

that’s not a metaphor


In this smoke

I see my childhood

and in its windy twirl

I see my adolescence.

And next to me

father looks pensively

at his perfectly cured

St. Louis cut

sizzling over the embers.

There I see my future.

All the senses

are satisfied,

even taste.

“You can’t eat smoke?”

You idiot,

what the fuck do you think

barbacue is?

The Weekly Protest – Leave Poetry to the Experts | James J Jackson on Patreon

“Poetry is generally very dull, very pretentious.  Those who say the poet is a very private and very precious person I don’t agree with.  Generally, he’s just some dumb fiddling asshole, writing insecure lines that don’t come through, believing he’s immortal [and] waiting for his immortality, which never arrives because the poor fucker just can’t write.” – Charles Bukowski
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When Trump Was President I Thought I Could Become The Next Lenin (poem)

There was time in my life

when I thought I could be the next Lenin.

A statesmen, a writer, and a leader?

What’s not to like?

Who was to say I couldn’t be a triple threat

like him?

But I’m too unprofessional

to be a professional revolutionary.

And Lenin didn’t have to put up

with Twitter, the lucky bastard.

And I never watched my sibling hang.

I’m not embarassed about this.

And I regret nothing.

I just wish politics wasn’t so time consuming,

because I want to change the world,

but I want to write a good poem even more.

The Weekly Protests – Leftists Need to Grow Up and Embrace Electoralism | James J Jackson on Patreon

I will no longer give credence to socialists who refuse to participate in electoral politics, nor am I forgiving or understanding of those who put their political economy into third parties.

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The Weekly Protest – Virgil Texas Can Go to Hell | James J Jackson on Patreon

It’s time the Left come up with some fucking standards for our public intellectuals.
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When I Get Drunk I Reread My Old Stuff

When I get drunk

I reread my old stuff.

It’s how this writer

learned what kids today

really mean when they

call your content “cringe.”

Over the years

I’ve gone from trying

to sound like Shakespeare,

to Ginsberg,

to Ginsberg and Shakespeare.

Then I wrote screenplays

and tried to sound like

Aaron Sorkin,

then Tarantino.

Then I got into politics

and went from Tarantino

to Trotsky,

to Marx.

Then I discovered

Tom Waits and Bukowski.

So now when I get drunk

and reread my old shit

all I can think about

is how much I used to suck.

The Weekly Protest – Philosophy is Necrophilia | James J Jackson on Patreon

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The Teacher As Poet, a Poem (obviously)

The Teacher As Poet

Content’s production,

Ease of mind and constant rush,

Narcotic ease,

And still the voices don’t stop.

Stagnation is a creative mind’s enemy,

as is cowardice.

We are our words,

our letters and symbols.

Intentions mean nothing when they fail,

Yet success is still a subjective term.

I am responsible for the quiet dawn

of these minds,

if only for a day.

What world do we live in now?

What world was it before?

And what shall it be?

This is not a journal entry,

Poetry is public record,

And to be used,

On what was “just” another day.

The Weekly Protest – Why Write If Print Is Dying? | James J Jackson on Patreon

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The Weekly Protest – Age Aint Nothing but a Number | James J Jackson on Patreon

Here is a sample of one of the poems you can expect to find in my upcoming chapbook.  Ten more poems and it will be ready to go to print.
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The Weekly Protest – Aging On The Internet | James J Jackson on Patreon

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Influencers in the Wild, poem


and affectations

are no replacements

for personality

and struggle.

Bullies will

still graduate

and get jobs

they don’t deserve.

Your hero is a fraud,

and their heroes

were the villians.

So what does that make you?

You are more than what

you say and type,

but you are only

what you do.

Safe Space, a poem (repost)

Safe Space, a poem
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