Netflix Breaks Barriers in France, Highlights Larger Concern for Exhibitors

Originally posted on Variety:

PARIS– Unveiling its pact with The Weinstein Co. to stream “St.Vincent” in France day-and-date with its U.S. theatrical release on Oct. 24, Netflix has sparked concerns over France’s strict windows’ schedule.

When Netflix launched in France on Sept. 15, local industryites claimed the streaming service would have a limited impact because it didn’t have a deal with a major telco operator for set-top distribution, and would have to wait three years to get movies as per Gaul’s strict SVOD window set at 36 months after theatrical bow.

But in less than two months, Netflix has managed to break significant barriers, first by signing two distribution deals with Bouygues and Orange, and now with this pact allowing the service to gain exclusive rights to fresh movies – “St. Vincent” with Bill Murray and another TWC title, “The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby” with Jessica Chastain–  thus bypassing a theatrical release in France.


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Why Snapchat Isn’t a Great Marketing Tool for Studios — Yet

Originally posted on Variety:

“Ouija” generated a lot of hype for being the first movie — make that any product — to appear as an ad on Snapchat. But despite all the buzz that was generated among marketers by Universal’s move to promote the thriller, is the social media platform really an effective way to reach younger moviegoers?

Depends on who you ask.

Universal is touting its 19-second “Ouija” video as a success, saying “we were very pleased with the Snapchat integration. Performance exceeded our expectations and generated millions of exposure impressions and views for the film to their daily user base,” said Doug Neil, Universal’s executive VP of digital marketing.

Neither Snapchat, or Universal, are releasing the actual numbers of just how many of the app’s 100 million monthly users actually chose to watch the video within the 24-hour period that it was available before disappearing from accounts. (See the video below).

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Gramercy : Coming November 2nd


Gramercy, The Journey of Jack Lewis, premieres it’s first chapter in 2 WEEKS!!! You better mark your calendars, this is going to be my best story yet.

One day Jack Lewis, and emotionless repeat felon, decides to escape prison by simply walking out the front door.  What ensues is a series of social adventures that force Jack to reflect on his life, and eventually pursue the power of learning.

Harvey Weinstein: Netflix Is Winning Because it Has Vision

Originally posted on Variety:

Harvey Weinstein came out swinging in defense of Netflix at the Produced By: New York conference on Saturday.

The company’s recent forays into the film business cast a shadow over the gathering of producers, but Weinstein welcomed the company’s encroachment.

Of course, he has a vested interest in the streaming service’s success. Weinstein is producing a sequel to “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” that will premiere simultaneously on Netflix and on Imax.

“The reason why [Netflix is] winning is they have a vision,” Weinstein said. “Most executives love money, they don’t love movies … they love movies,” he added.

Theater chains were in an uproar when the deal leaked, and major exhibitors such as Regal, AMC and Cinemark are boycotting the release. They claim that offering the film online at the same time it hits the bigscreen cannibalizes their business.

Weinstein said he was surprised by the outcry because “honestly, we…

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Vine Star Curtis Lepore Dropped from Rainn Wilson Show After Backlash

James Jackson:

Curtis Lepore is a talentless rapist

Originally posted on Variety:

Just days after announcing his casting, Rainn Wilson and his SoulPancake banner have dropped Vine personality Curtis Lepore from their upcoming comedy series “Hollywood and Vine.”

The new show features an ensemble cast of stars from the popular video platform, including Lepore, Jerry Purpdrank, Lele Pons, Simone Shepherd and Christian DelGrosso, as they try to make it in mainstream Hollywood.

“After much consideration, the decision was made with Curtis Lepore to mutually part ways on SoulPancake’s television project featuring Vine stars,” Wilson, who’s producing the series, posted on Facebook. “We felt this was the best decision for everyone involved. We wish Curtis all the best in all his future endeavors.”

The casting choice received online backlash due to Lepore’s criminal past. He was charged at the beginning of the year with raping his ex-girlfriend and fellow Vine star Jessi Smiles. Lepore pled not guilty and the charges were eventually reduced…

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