About Me

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I’m addicted to art, film,and literature. I am a wanna be filmmaker/screen writer. I’m in my early twenties. I have written 2 novels, a horror novella, 4 screen plays, and hundreds of poems. I love California, I grew up in Sac-town, went to school in Humboldt County, and am moving to LA. I’m a progressive, socialist, feminist, somewhat libertarian conundrum of a human being. I call myself a Progressive Libertarian Socialist, sometimes I call myself “Marxist” to make it simple for some people. I write poetry and stories with lots of sex, drugs, violence, love, and truth. I told you I was a conundrum. I also enjoy beer and can’t understand why marijuana is illegal. Don’t like me? Then don’t follow me, I have no time for hate because I love you. So no matter how down or dark you think your life is just know that you are indeed loved. Follow me here, on twitter, instagram, and vine. Check out my wattpad & my videos.


I hope you all enjoy my poems, novels, and this blog, THE BURDEN OF EMPATHY.







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